A One Way Street?

21 Feb

I wonder if your perception equates to reality. 

Do you have an authentic partnership with parents and the community or do you lean towards the technological dogmatic dribble that seems to be seeping into some schools (led by such passionate personas as myself)? 

 Many schools are beginning to use social media to send out information to parents. Examples include twitter feeds and facebook pages. These initial forays into social media are a first step. They provide parents and the community with greater access to information regarding the school and the learning happening within its walls.

 A key facet of school leadership is developing relationships, both within staff and also with families and the community. This relationship building must include seeking feedback and listening. Most of this work is done face to face, through school events or outreach programs and even through informal conversations in the hallways or at drop off or pick up time.

We live in a time when top-down leadership and closed door meetings are no longer seen as the way to get things done. Stakeholders want to be involved in decision-making. They want to know what their school leader is thinking and what he or she values. They want, above all, to trust that their child is in the very best hands at school.

 How can we use those same social media tools to engage in conversation, rather than simply pushing out information?

 Please consider the following discussion points (that I have put forward to my staff and my community). 

  • Leadership is Listening and Learning
  • What is twitter and how do I get started?
  • How can parents and schools use social media to engage in meaningful conversations?
  • What challenges do we face when we use social media and how can we overcome them?
  • What are the burning questions/issues/concerns?
  • Are there any success stories or otherwise we can learn from?

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