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Natural Leaders – EI – George again!

7 Aug

6 signs of a natural leader Are leaders made or do they have skills that make it easier to naturally fit into this position?  This site presents the question…. are leadership qualities innate in some people and help them to achieve success in their pursuits? Leadership is something that can, and should be developed, but are there certain people that are more likely to become leaders than others?

A busy manager who has to deal with all kinds of personalities within a team can overlook signs of leadership and instead see someone being difficult — perhaps asking too many questions, questioning their direction or stepping on their toes when it comes to guiding other members of the team.

While these behaviors can be initially challenging, they are all signs that the individual has the potential to be a great leader. It’s up to the manager to notice these signs, identify the leader and guide them in the right direction. Recognizing the personality traits is the first step so here are six signs of a natural leader.

Do effective leaders have to have similar qualities to be effective or can they range in types and personalities?  How much does that matter?